There are lots of ways you can show your solidarity with orangutans – with this list of ideas to get you started, there’s no excuse not to go wild this Ape-ril!

  • Let yourself go wild for the month, and get sponsored to grow a beard and dye it orangutan-orange.
  • Already got a facial forest? Check out our Beard Guide for some topiary inspiration.
  • Female orangutans can have pretty impressive facial hair. With a bit of creative hairstyling, you can weave your hair into a beard. Share a selfie, and get sponsored to keep it like that for a day, a week, or even the whole month. 
  • Have a cake sale at work or school: Stick to your favourite recipe, whip up a batch of banana bread and chocolate orange cookies, or branch out and use orange icing on your cupcakes. Yum.
  • Donate your birthday! If your birthday is in Ape-ril, you could ask your friends and family to make a donation to SOS instead of buying you a present this year. You can set up your own birthday fundraising page to collect donations. 
  • Sign up for a sponsored challenge. Always wanted to trek through the jungle and see orangutans in the wild, run a marathon or jump out of a plane? Less extreme personal challenges are just as welcome - get creative, tell your friends and family, raise money and have fun!

You can set up an online fundraising page to collect sponsorship in just a few clicks:

Raise funds to protect orangutans in the wild: Every penny counts.

Raise funds to protect orangutans in the wild: Every penny counts.




For more ideas, download our free Fundraising Guide - it's packed with lots of useful information and inspiration:

We even have a special version for younger OranguFans too: